Twenty One Pilots: Stressed Out | Music Video Analysis

Stressed out by Twenty One Pilots is a song about desperately wanting to go back to child hood when you had no real worries “Wish we could turn back time to the good old days” and it amplifies this b having the artists riding around on tricycles whilst wearing backpacks which would often be associated with children and childhood. The lyrics of the song are very strongly linked to the visual because of this and it illustrates his point very effectively. During the choruses the video shows them actually performing their songs, the first one in the singer’s bedroom and the second in the drummer’s bedroom which again links to the idea of childhood as they would’ve played in their rooms and for only for the pre-choruses does the singer stop syncing as this is the bit where they go from riding the bikes into the house.21p121p2

The camera angles used are generally from a low point of view or at eye level which could be to reinforce the idea that they have grown up and that they are no longer children despite their desperate longing. The lighting of video is generally quite grim and seems to use a greyscale effect which enhances their resentment of growing up and as a result their unhappiness “But now we’re stressed out.”

The video includes the artists’ families towards the end but throughout the entire video they are the main focus as they are talking about their own personal struggles of growing up and how they want to go back to childhood. Overall the song is very relatable as it is talking about the stresses of growing up and that nostalgic feeling when you smell something from your childhood and I think that this video captures the meaning of the song very well.


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